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Upon your realization that you, as an enthusiast wine collector, would like to desire the perfect method of storing wine, there might initially be questions on how to achieve this essential aspect of collecting wine properly. Therefore, several wine coolers on the market would optimally store your wines in the proper environment. These include the 400mm wide fridge, just one of the many shapes and designs available for a wine cooler. Furthermore, by looking closely at the wine fridge brand, you would notice the advantages of obtaining high-quality units to accommodate your needs as an individual wine collector, as no severe collector would desire anything less than perfection when it boils down to the perfect preservation and cooling of their most prized and beloved bottles of wine in their own and unique collection catered to their style and tastes.

What is a wine cellar?

Walking through an old-styled wine cellar with the aromas of old wine barrels and the beautiful scents of wine bottle corks is a privilege that no wine collector would ever let go of. But unfortunately, these wine cellars are not always available at these wine lovers’ homes as they need ample space, usually placed at the bottom of the house, for instance, in the basement. Therefore, there is the excellent addition of a wine cooler or fridge that can be placed anywhere desired and put in so many exciting ways so that they form a piece of art themselves that can be awed at and admired by family and friends. But when looking at the benefits of a wine cellar, you can find the same in that of the wine fridge, and what a fantastic prospect this might be too many on a quest to find the best solutions for refrigeration of their most prized possessions of bottles of wine.


Storage temperatures

As this is not an exact science, it is estimated that you should keep all wine under the temperature range of 7-18 degrees Celsius. However, many would disagree as some, for instance, those who prefer drinking red wine, believe that the optimal storage temperature should be 12 degrees Celsius as red wine is enjoyed at a slightly warmer temperature. In contrast, the crispness of white wine can only be appreciated when stored in a slightly cooler environment. However, many strongly suggest that when planning to store wine, especially red wine, for more than a year, the optimal storage temperature should range between 10 degrees Celsius. Additionally, some experts believe and trust that storage temperature should not be the same as the serving temperature, especially when looking at red wine, as white wine is considered to have to be stored for a shorter period. And this is where the proper storage environment of a wine cellar or wine cooler comes into play, offering the perfect environmental solutions needed to preserve, cool, age, and ultimately enjoy the wine itself.

The benefits of a wine cellar

The beneficial aspect of a wine cellar is that it is located in one official place, which means that the bottles inside remain in proper storage facilities for the duration of their stay there. In addition, this remarkable aspect of a wine cellar is that the temperature gages stay at the pivotal ranges it needs to be, and that is between 7-18 degrees Celsius, or slightly warmer if the desired wine is to preserve. Age properly is that of red wine; additionally, there would be no air fluctuations, as these rooms are correctly sealed to achieve this ratio. And finally, placing a solid and located cooling unit in such a room can only benefit the bottles of wine housed inside even more.